Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays! Christmas is so much more fun with a little toddler. Didn't you love when you were little and you would be way overly excited about Christmas and presents? You get to relive all those fond times all over again! It's killer, but I'm way more excited than Hannah is, she's not even two yet. Three years old is when I hear it really gets exciting.

Almost, got a part on GH, which would have been way cool. But alas, didn't get it in the end. Thankfully, I didn't have to audition either. Terminally lazy lady over here.

So, who sent me a comment and knows my ex Kent? You left me a note , but didn't say who you were.

Hope you have a relaxed and very warm time with your loved ones over the Holiday season! 2010 here we come!


Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween

One more trip and then it's home sweet home, until March! We are taking off to Mexico (Sayulita) and then we won't pack another frickin bag for months to come. I'm in charge of our social calendar and let me just say I've been a piss poor manager of our time. Anyway, I can't complain about too much travel, since it's one of our favorite things to do.

Just need to book in some time to reconnect and get our home in order. And just in time for the holidays!

It's so funny how your attracted to things you don't have. Curly hair, long legs, proper use of the English language. My last two boyfriends (one being my husband) are both English majors. I've got my English for dummies book next to my bed. But Im most charmed when a man can let words roll off his tongue and create a vivid picture with his descriptive use of language. If you could only hear how my husband would transform what I just tried to describe, most of you would be ga-ga. Enough of my babble. Happy Halloweenie!!!!!!


Friday, September 25, 2009


Been traveling way too much. Need to book some time at home for a couple of months. Traveling with wee one is trying at the best of times. Packing for three is an absolutely big ole pain and then there's the un-packing and laundry. I'm a full fledged house wife. Damn, I miss those glamour DAYS!

We are off to Sedona this weekend and then off the UK and Mexico in Oct. We also went to Burning man(without Hannah) for the first time. HOLY SMOKES. It's a whole other world out there. The art installations are frickin insane. Do a google search if you've never heard of it.

Austin Peck will be leaving As the World Turns shortly. Very interesting!!!!!!!!

Happy Halloweenie


Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Our Indian summer is about to start in SF! And we have this fantastic festival(Outside lands) that will be going off in two weeks time. This is when San francisco comes into it's own...Sept-Dec is so lovely. Hannah is 17 months old and extremely talkative. I'd say she has about 25 words that she says very clearly and she can mimic at least 15 animals. The cliche's of things just get better and better, are so true.

I keep hearing over and over again that DAYS is on fire at the moment, must check in to revisit my old friends. Spoke to both Austin's(Pat Muldoon and Austin Peck) this last week and very glad that we are all still close.

Is anyone watching "True Blood", "Mad Men", and "Hung"? Thank goodness for HBO!!! Enjoy the rest of your August.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Big Hello

Having a fun night! Dancing(to Michael Jackson's Essential album), dreaming and drinking a little red wine.(forgive the spelling) What's so great about having kids again is that you get to relive the no responsibility thing through them. Of course, you have a ton more responsibilities, but they have none. And you remember, how joyous and carefree life was. And hopefully, you can try and be silly and remember your dreams along the way. Or at least try to have a couple of hours of not worrying about going to the DMV,cleaning, jury duty, or paying bills. DANCING AND DREAMING, I used to too do it all the time. Need to do it through out my life.

Sad about Michael Jackson. He was such an unbelievable talent!!! The party always gets started at wedding or parties when his songs come on. We all have a Michael Jackson moment. I started acting because of a talent show I did, doing a dance routine to Michael Jackson's "Beat it". I hope those accusations against him weren't true, but I have to say as much as I love him, he sure seemed like a tragic figure in the end. You can just see it in what he did to that beautiful face. Who knows? This isn't news to you...just sharing my thoughts.

Here's to rocking JULY!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Hello, just got back from the guessed it another wedding! Really looking forward to the time when Hannah wants to watch a flick on the flight. Hannah and I flew back on our own from the UK because Tom had to work on the East coast for a bit. 10 1/2 hours with the wee one was challenging. Hannah is now walking and trying very hard to cut out her naps. So she only slept for 1 1/2 hours out of the 10 1/2hours on the flight and then she barfed on the plane. Ah...I miss the days when I would travel and read and watch up to four films.

I hear DAYS was nominated for BEST SHOW...Fantastic news! Thank goodness they have someone in charge who cares which direction the show is headed. I'll have to tune in and see what is going on. Do you all still watch it? And what characters do you enjoy?

Ciao for now,

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hey There

Hey there,

Finally feeling like a proper mother, giving Hannah the time she deserves. The restaurant was way too much to take on, while trying to figure out motherhood. But, I'm glad I had something artistically creative to pour my heart into. And I have to say Hannah is fast approaching becoming one of my best mates.

You were asking about SF hot spots. Goodness, I could make a huge list: What specifically are you after? Food? Sightseeing? Festivals? Theatre? Walks?

Walks: Tennessee Valley and walk the length of Golden Gate with a beer/water at either Beach chalet or Cliff house.

Food: Besides Mamacita & The Tipsy Pig. I would have to say Gary Danko is top for high end, Spruce is great for in the middle. House of Nan King for cheap and delicious.

Festival of sorts: If your here in May check out Bay to Breakers! People dress up and run/walk from the bay to the breakers of the pacific. Major city event.

Theatre: A.C. T. usually has good things to check out.

I can't rave enought about this fantastic city.

Happy travels!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Jamaica was the trip of a lifetime! We had the pleasure of going with our Los Angeles friends, who we sadly don't get to see as much as we used too. Someone asked where I would recommend in Jamaica, here are few spots on the West and South side. absolutely wonderful vacation rental full of charm, with two private beaches. The only down fall with this place is the music can be loud on certain nights.

Rockhouse in Negril is wonderful.

Jake's in Treasure beach is amazing! If you go to treasure beach be sure to go to the pelican bar, it is situated on a reef (25 min boat ride) and made of driftwood. They will serve you delicious lobster curry meals. I'll post some photo's of this.

We just got back from the UK late last night. Hannah suffered from jet lag this trip, which is no fun, but thankfully over within two days.

So check out the new restaurant online at !!! It's been a smash success so far, but these are early days.

See you later,

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Jan 2009...Holy feels like yesterday we were blaring the Prince song "I'm going to party like it 1999". Where did the last 9 years go? Guess I've been having a good time!

Man , the inaguration for Barack Obama was so moving! Could have watched TV all day, but it inspired my to get off my tail and work on the restaurant. Which by the way now has a name. "The Tipsy Pig" is the name that won. My father in law came up with it. At apple farms they send the pigs out to eat the fallen apples, but the apples ferment and turn to sugar, therefore getting the pigs tipsy. I love it!!!

I've had some trying days doing this design thing, very much looking forward to it being wrapped up. We will be heading to Jamaica for a little vacation after the restaurant opens. This is our second time to Jamaica. It is an unbelievable place full of delicious food, beautiful scenery, culture, nice people, and chilled times. If you ever plan to go, DO NOT stay at one of the big chain hotels. Rent a small/big place with friends, watch the sunset into the sea , with a rum cocktail in your hand. Ah...can't wait!