Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Hope you are all enjoying the new #DAYS!!! It just gets better and better. The new writers and producers just get the way DAYS used to be and it's such a joy to work on the show at this moment in time. All of the actors are putting in some exceptional performances. Any time I think I can wing this scene and go on auto pilot, because I don't have many lines, I then see one of my fellow actors doing some outstanding work and it pumps me up to do my best. Drake said " It's such an inspirational team at the moment, just like the baseball team I was watching last night". We all want the show to succeed. Just as the many fans of DAYS does...because the DAYS fans have always been the best in the soap world and it's nice that you all are finally being listened too!

Hope you are enjoying the changing of the weather and getting cozy as the leaves fall.