Thursday, January 22, 2009


Jan 2009...Holy feels like yesterday we were blaring the Prince song "I'm going to party like it 1999". Where did the last 9 years go? Guess I've been having a good time!

Man , the inaguration for Barack Obama was so moving! Could have watched TV all day, but it inspired my to get off my tail and work on the restaurant. Which by the way now has a name. "The Tipsy Pig" is the name that won. My father in law came up with it. At apple farms they send the pigs out to eat the fallen apples, but the apples ferment and turn to sugar, therefore getting the pigs tipsy. I love it!!!

I've had some trying days doing this design thing, very much looking forward to it being wrapped up. We will be heading to Jamaica for a little vacation after the restaurant opens. This is our second time to Jamaica. It is an unbelievable place full of delicious food, beautiful scenery, culture, nice people, and chilled times. If you ever plan to go, DO NOT stay at one of the big chain hotels. Rent a small/big place with friends, watch the sunset into the sea , with a rum cocktail in your hand. Ah...can't wait!