Thursday, February 21, 2008


Hello, man oh man....six weeks left! FORTY TWO DAYS! YIKES!!! Our daughter's name will be Hannah Bella Barnes! We've had her name for at least six years. I know Hannah Montana is extremely popular right now, but we won't let that change our plans. Tom and i have had our children named way before we got married, and so far we haven't changed our minds. But you never know.

I went to see Tab Benoit on Friday night, he is absolutely awesome! It's a southern swamp boogie kind of groove. We have seen him at Jazz fest in New Orleans many times. Have any of you been to Jazzfest in New Orleans? It is without a doubt the best music festival, I have ever been to. Check it out if you love music, and food, it 's at the end of April. Tom and I won't be going this year, but look forward to it the year after. Stevie Wonder is playing this year, I'm so bummed to be missing him.