Monday, April 13, 2009

Hey There

Hey there,

Finally feeling like a proper mother, giving Hannah the time she deserves. The restaurant was way too much to take on, while trying to figure out motherhood. But, I'm glad I had something artistically creative to pour my heart into. And I have to say Hannah is fast approaching becoming one of my best mates.

You were asking about SF hot spots. Goodness, I could make a huge list: What specifically are you after? Food? Sightseeing? Festivals? Theatre? Walks?

Walks: Tennessee Valley and walk the length of Golden Gate with a beer/water at either Beach chalet or Cliff house.

Food: Besides Mamacita & The Tipsy Pig. I would have to say Gary Danko is top for high end, Spruce is great for in the middle. House of Nan King for cheap and delicious.

Festival of sorts: If your here in May check out Bay to Breakers! People dress up and run/walk from the bay to the breakers of the pacific. Major city event.

Theatre: A.C. T. usually has good things to check out.

I can't rave enought about this fantastic city.

Happy travels!