Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Hope you are all enjoying the new #DAYS!!! It just gets better and better. The new writers and producers just get the way DAYS used to be and it's such a joy to work on the show at this moment in time. All of the actors are putting in some exceptional performances. Any time I think I can wing this scene and go on auto pilot, because I don't have many lines, I then see one of my fellow actors doing some outstanding work and it pumps me up to do my best. Drake said " It's such an inspirational team at the moment, just like the baseball team I was watching last night". We all want the show to succeed. Just as the many fans of DAYS does...because the DAYS fans have always been the best in the soap world and it's nice that you all are finally being listened too!

Hope you are enjoying the changing of the weather and getting cozy as the leaves fall.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hello Everyone

I know I've said it many times, but Sept in SF is the absolute best! You can really fall in love the place at this time of year. We are heading off this weekend to go camping with the girls, in our new 20 yr old RV! We will just see where the day takes us and find a spot. Smore's here we come:)

Only 20 days until our first airdate on Sept 26th! Very excited about a ton of things! Being back at work and having that old cameraderie,having a killer team at DAYS this time around, Hannah has officially started pre-school, Emma has just started walking around her first birthday and Tom's birthday is this weekend and we will have Smore's. Ah...Smore's ........summertime and the living is easy.

Talk to you soon,

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We are back on the show!

What a fun week we had filming! Total family reunion.

Patrick & I are loving the writing & excited to be working. You won't see us on TV until Sept 26!

Sorry this is short, but I'm typing it on my phone and I have a bucket load of dialogue to learn.

More to come soon,

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Summer days! It was the 4th of July yesterday and we enjoyed the fireworks from our balcony, all curled up in blankets with our ladies. The fog is rolling in right now, but it's been gorgeous the last couple of days. Thank goodness,because we've had pretty crap weather the last two months and deserve the clear blue skies.

Looking forward to our travels this summer in Provence. Where the sun makes everything taste good. Some how you pig out on cheese, meats and rose and the weight doesn't pile on like it would back home. Why is that? Let's hope that hasn't changed this time around, cause I sure like to indulge.

Hannah just started summer camp/preschool. Rough two weeks of missing mommy. Glad she's digging it, now.

Hope you have a FAB summer. Talk to you soon!


Thursday, June 9, 2011


Wow, long time no talk or blog or whatever you want to call it. I've been knee deep in baby world. Who has time to floss their teeth, let alone blog.

Loving our new addition to the family. Emma is very chill, which is exactly what was needed this time around. Just finished the whole preschool debacle/wonderment. Thank goodness that's over.

My baby/toddler brain is fried, can't seem to think about anything to write at the moment, so I'm off to watch some mindless TV. Any new favorites? Games of Thrones rocks! And the new MY Morning Jacket CD is also very cool.

Talk to you soon,

Friday, December 17, 2010


Since I'm typing this one handed at 2:00 am on my phone. It will be short and sweet.

Lots of folks keep asking if I'm going back to DOOL. And I did go back for a quick show. And I also had lunch with Ali Sweeney and Patrick Muldoon, which really got the rumors to swirl.

Patrick for the first time in 15 yrs said he would go back to Dool. So, only time will tell if these rumors become a reality:)

Happy Holidays! Enjoy this special time of year!


Sunday, August 15, 2010


It's nice to work really hard and enjoy putting your feet up at the end of the day. Let's face it growing up on a soap opera and getting your hair, make up and wardrobe styled and kissing nice looking men isn't the same as working construction or being a school teacher. Truth be told I've never worked(stay at home mom) so hard in my damn life and I'm about to get a double dose. (second child is coming in early Sept) Working hard is good for the soul and mind. This isn't news to anyone, just something we all remember every once in awhile. Life to me was always going to be about having kids and getting the chance to learn how to be a kid again yourself. The Rewards and Riches of having a family far out way the pro's of the hedonistic life I used to live. Not that I don't long for those days, but the deep connection you fill with your partner and a growing sense of self is the ultimate. WOW...deep thoughts by Jack Handy(SNL). Right, snap out of it!

DON'T EVER come to San Francisco in July and August, it's just a foggy mess. Although, we do have a unbelievable music fest called OUTSIDELANDS in August that is not to be missed if you like great music. My morning Jacket and Kings of leon are headlining this year. Off to catch up on True Blood, Mad Men and I"m finally getting into the WIRE. Thank Goodness, for cable TV!
Here's to an epic AUGUST!

Christie Clark