Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We are back on the show!

What a fun week we had filming! Total family reunion.

Patrick & I are loving the writing & excited to be working. You won't see us on TV until Sept 26!

Sorry this is short, but I'm typing it on my phone and I have a bucket load of dialogue to learn.

More to come soon,


Anonymous said...

So super excited to read about this! I can't wait to see what's ahead for Carrie & Austin. You're the only reason why I watch Days. You have been missed. This all still seems unreal... September 26th can't get here early enough!

Jackie said...

I love Austin + Carrie TOGETHER as a couple. Please no more love triangles or quadrilateral situations. Let them be happy TOGETHER & focused on their family(kids). As far as I am concerned:
Austin + Carrie = PERFECT
Austin + Sami = Pathetic
Austin + Nicole/Greta = Shocking
Carrie + Mike = Horrendous
Carrie + Lucas = Disgusting

Rion said...

Great news! I am so glad you and Patrick are back. I hope it's long-term and not just a guest appearance like last year and earlier this year. Carrie and Austin are my favourite Days couple and I'll be tuning back in after being a lapsed viewer for years.

Rion said...

Jackie, I agree. Carrie and Austin are so over triangles (although it would be fun to see a jealous Sami meddling with their relationship). I too hope Carrie and Austin have a child together this time around.

Dave B said...

We (my DAYS peeps and I) are so excited for the Carrie/Austin return. It's been a long wait, but truly gives us something to look forward to. Also gives us an opportunity to get together for a cocktail party on Sept 26 for the return. We love to celebrate the returns of our favorites and the departures of our not so favorites. Our last big celebration was the return of Crystal Chappell. Love her and saddened by her exit, but VERY excited for your return. See you soon!!!

Jeremy said...

OMG Christie I have been waiting forever for this. You are one of the only reasons I ever got into watching DAYS. I am SO happy you are coming back. September 26th can't come soon enough. I LOVE YOU!!!

Azul said...

OMG! Just saw Austin & Carrie's mini-plot on DOOL today!