Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Ah...December...here we go. I turn 35 this month...yikes! And then there's Christmas. So we are going to have a glam Christmas/Birthday celebration! Being on the soap all those years, makes me want to dress up as much as possible.

Someone asked if I had a Christmas recipe. I usually make new things out of gourmet magazine. But I could recommend getting some cocktail shrimp from Costco or Trader Joes. Get two bowls of different sizes, put the large one on the bottom and fill with water. Then add second bowl and press it down so that it is rim to rim with the larger bowl. Weight the top bowl down with something heavy that you can freeze(frozen oj can's) And then tape the top bowl rim to the bottom bowl rim to make it flat. Add some sort of green leaf or colorful flower to the water and then put in the freezer for 24hrs. Take out right before your party and put it under cold water to let the ice bowl release from two bowls. Put shrimp in ice bowl and serve with cocktail sauce and a little horseradish for extra flair.

We are going lite on the gift giving this year, which I'm sure many people are. I only have to buy seven gifts this year...super sweet. The restaurant is supposedly going to be finished by the end of January. Still way too much to do. Having a outstanding time pretending to be a real designer.

Happy Holidays!!!!