Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Two weeks away from the election. Exciting and scary times(economy). I'd like to know who you are voting for. I'll be voting for Obama. If you are voting for the other guy, it doesn't mean we can't be friends.

My friend and I went to the Democratic convention in 2004, and we heard Obama speak, and I remember thinking who is this guy that is giving every one the chills with his words. Four years later, we might be electing this man to be president. In my heart of hearts, it seems to me that Obama would really try and change things and do right by the people. And I think each of us will only see that a few times in our lifetimes. Could be another extremely close race.

Hannah is almost eight months!!! Where the hell did that time go? Unbelievable. The little lady now has two teeth, and the doctor says she is the length of ten month old. Sure am getting Madonna arms, which are much better than my bingo flaps before.........................

The new restaurant is coming along nicely and I'm very excited. The list of things to do just keeps growing. I need to figure out how to manage restaurant/ Hannah/husband/flossing my teeth time. Today I got up at 5:30am just so I could have a normal shower and shave my legs. It was a nice way to start the day actually. But I don't see it turning into a ritual, being that it's much nicer to hit the snooze button and cuddle with my man, until Hannah cries.

Hope you are all doing well!