Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Ah...December...here we go. I turn 35 this month...yikes! And then there's Christmas. So we are going to have a glam Christmas/Birthday celebration! Being on the soap all those years, makes me want to dress up as much as possible.

Someone asked if I had a Christmas recipe. I usually make new things out of gourmet magazine. But I could recommend getting some cocktail shrimp from Costco or Trader Joes. Get two bowls of different sizes, put the large one on the bottom and fill with water. Then add second bowl and press it down so that it is rim to rim with the larger bowl. Weight the top bowl down with something heavy that you can freeze(frozen oj can's) And then tape the top bowl rim to the bottom bowl rim to make it flat. Add some sort of green leaf or colorful flower to the water and then put in the freezer for 24hrs. Take out right before your party and put it under cold water to let the ice bowl release from two bowls. Put shrimp in ice bowl and serve with cocktail sauce and a little horseradish for extra flair.

We are going lite on the gift giving this year, which I'm sure many people are. I only have to buy seven gifts this year...super sweet. The restaurant is supposedly going to be finished by the end of January. Still way too much to do. Having a outstanding time pretending to be a real designer.

Happy Holidays!!!!


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hey There

Hey there, Turkey day is around the corner! About 30 of us are renting a house in the Sonoma area of California. I'm in charge of stuffing this year and decorating the table. Thanksgiving is hands down my favorite holiday. Something about the fall really makes me want to live like a hobbit and cook and get cozy. Anyone have any stuffing recipes that they think is out of this world? If not I'll check out www.epicurous.com which has fantastic stuff.

I'm over the moon that Obama won, and still can't believe it! Anyway, enjoy your family on Thanksgiving and talk to you soon!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Two weeks away from the election. Exciting and scary times(economy). I'd like to know who you are voting for. I'll be voting for Obama. If you are voting for the other guy, it doesn't mean we can't be friends.

My friend and I went to the Democratic convention in 2004, and we heard Obama speak, and I remember thinking who is this guy that is giving every one the chills with his words. Four years later, we might be electing this man to be president. In my heart of hearts, it seems to me that Obama would really try and change things and do right by the people. And I think each of us will only see that a few times in our lifetimes. Could be another extremely close race.

Hannah is almost eight months!!! Where the hell did that time go? Unbelievable. The little lady now has two teeth, and the doctor says she is the length of ten month old. Sure am getting Madonna arms, which are much better than my bingo flaps before.........................

The new restaurant is coming along nicely and I'm very excited. The list of things to do just keeps growing. I need to figure out how to manage restaurant/ Hannah/husband/flossing my teeth time. Today I got up at 5:30am just so I could have a normal shower and shave my legs. It was a nice way to start the day actually. But I don't see it turning into a ritual, being that it's much nicer to hit the snooze button and cuddle with my man, until Hannah cries.

Hope you are all doing well!


Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Awesome...our summer has just started in SF. It started on Sept.1st just like clock work. High temperatures but with that ocean air blowing just ever so slightly.

Keeping myself EXTREMELY busy at the moment. I'm like a chicken with my head cut off, try to manage my time. I'll say it again, that acting job was a piece of cake, compared to motherhood. Hannah is a very easy going baby, and she's all smiles and giggles at the moment. And her first pearly whites(teeth) are popping through the skin, and even then she's very chill. THANK GOODNESS.

The design of the restaurant is coming along nicely. It should be open in Jan of 2009!!! I've found this place in Marin that has all eco friendly design products, and the quality of the products are amazing. Check out www.greenfusiondesigncenter.com Maybe there is something in your area that is doing the same thing.

I checked out Mendoza on the last comment page, and it is absolutely beautiful. Reminds me of the scenery from "Lord of the rings". And I'll look into getting Dr. Fuhrman's book. Thanks for the helpful hints and travel tips.

Bye for now,

Tuesday, August 12, 2008



San Francisco is extremely foggy in July and August, try not to come visit the city during this time. You'd think we would plan our trips during this time, but it seems we haven't quite learned our lesson. It seems we are always going to a wedding in June in the UK, and that uses up our vacation time. The rest of the year is pretty spectacular in this city!

Man, the opening ceremony for the Olympics was very dazzling! Watching this always makes me want to get fit. If only it could be on all the time for inspiration.

So I've been asked to design the interior for another restaurant in SF! This time it's a gastro pub, which is basically a pub setting with delicious organic food. What I"m most excited about it the back garden. There aren't a lot of outdoor restaurants in the city, so it's a real jewel. It's the same team that I worked with for Mamacita. www.vintage415.com Very excited about this new venture. Just trying to figure out how to balance baby tending and designing at the same time.


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hi There

Hi there, Man, thanks for all the helpful travel/sleep baby tips. Hannah was a rock star on her first international flight. And I've looked at some of your favorite places to go and added them to my favorites. check this place out http://www.oustadebaumaniere.com we just went there, and it is my favorite type of place. You are surrounded by epic nature, where you can't see any other building except some old Roman ruins on top of hill. The restaurant had two Michelin stars, and it was to die for.

I'm absolutely exhausted from our travels, it's a lot of work packing for three and just being a mom. Working as an actress is a piece of cake compared to this mommy stuff. Woman are unbelievable creatures, pouring out pounds of love and energy.

Sadly, when I got home we had to put our dog Ella down. Ella had degenerative myelopathy(MS for dogs). We had to help her to the bathroom for the last three months, and she couldn't do the things that a dog should do to make them happy. Putting your dog down is such a awful thing to have to do, and yet, thankfully we have the option to do so when things are really bad. No more dogs for awhile, it's horrific to loose these dear friends. As my mom says, my husband is my new dog. I will lavish that extra attention on him and the baby. Enjoy your summer and your loved ones.


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hi There

I never knew what sleep deprivation was until recently! All those cliches you hear over and over again are all true when it comes to having a child. Thank God, we have all these fantastic books to read over, ergonomic breast pumps to use,chlorine free diapers, strollers with two seats if you decide to have two children. My mom never had it so easy, that's for sure. I wonder what it will be like when Hannah is having children, my goodness the Jetsons here we come.

If any of you having any tried and true strategies for getting your child to sleep through the night, send them my way. I read your posts. And if you have any favorite travel spots you want to share, please do. I'm a big nerd with folders of places I'd like to visit. We are traveling in June to the UK and France. Hannah got her first passport, and it's hysterical. Any child travel help would be greatly appreciated as well. Anyway...really enjoying being a new mommy, cooing and pooing is my new cup of tea!

Many thanks,

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Had the baby

Hello, so we had our bundle of joy a month early. Hannah was 5pds 10oz. She clearly has her fathers energy and wanted to join the party a bit earlier than was planned. We are just falling in love with our little lady, and learning the ropes as we go. Didn't get to read the last couple of chapters in the pregnancy books, trying to sneak in a chapter here and there. Thank God, I had a shower the weekend that she came out of the oven or I'd really be scrambling for items that were needed.

Tom had just flown back from the UK to Washington DC, and I didn't know which hotel he was in when my water broke. Luckily, he always books hotels thru American Express, so I had to call them and find out which hotel he was in. American Express booked him on the first flight out of DC, and he made it just in time for the birth. It was like a scene like a scene from a movie the way he describes it, running thru the airport screaming "out of my way", hopped in a cab and the nurses were all waiting in the hall saying "this way". Could be a good commercial for American Express. Either way...she is healthy and doing extremely well.

Many thanks,

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Hello, man oh man....six weeks left! FORTY TWO DAYS! YIKES!!! Our daughter's name will be Hannah Bella Barnes! We've had her name for at least six years. I know Hannah Montana is extremely popular right now, but we won't let that change our plans. Tom and i have had our children named way before we got married, and so far we haven't changed our minds. But you never know.

I went to see Tab Benoit on Friday night, he is absolutely awesome! It's a southern swamp boogie kind of groove. We have seen him at Jazz fest in New Orleans many times. Have any of you been to Jazzfest in New Orleans? It is without a doubt the best music festival, I have ever been to. Check it out if you love music, and food, it 's at the end of April. Tom and I won't be going this year, but look forward to it the year after. Stevie Wonder is playing this year, I'm so bummed to be missing him.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I hope 2008 brings everything you could be wishing for and more. Tom and I just got back from the UK for Christmas. We only have three months left until our little girl enters the world. I'm trying to get all things checked off my list, before this blessed event. It's amazing the crazy dreams you have when your pregnant. Extremely vivid dreams, or maybe I just remember them more because I haven't had the usual wine I have through out the week. It's been raining a ton in SF, which brings the snow to the local mountains.

We are heading up to Tahoe next week, but I can't snowboard this year, so I'll be preparing the after ski meal.

If you ever want ski/snow board equipement, go to http://www.snowsportsforless.com It's the family ski store, we have four locations in California that my Dad and Uncles run. But you can now purchase things online, and it's great value. Talk to you soon.