Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hi There

Hi there, Man, thanks for all the helpful travel/sleep baby tips. Hannah was a rock star on her first international flight. And I've looked at some of your favorite places to go and added them to my favorites. check this place out we just went there, and it is my favorite type of place. You are surrounded by epic nature, where you can't see any other building except some old Roman ruins on top of hill. The restaurant had two Michelin stars, and it was to die for.

I'm absolutely exhausted from our travels, it's a lot of work packing for three and just being a mom. Working as an actress is a piece of cake compared to this mommy stuff. Woman are unbelievable creatures, pouring out pounds of love and energy.

Sadly, when I got home we had to put our dog Ella down. Ella had degenerative myelopathy(MS for dogs). We had to help her to the bathroom for the last three months, and she couldn't do the things that a dog should do to make them happy. Putting your dog down is such a awful thing to have to do, and yet, thankfully we have the option to do so when things are really bad. No more dogs for awhile, it's horrific to loose these dear friends. As my mom says, my husband is my new dog. I will lavish that extra attention on him and the baby. Enjoy your summer and your loved ones.



Anonymous said...

i am so sorry about your dog. i am glad you had a great first travel experience with your baby girl. i am soon going to be a mom (sept) and am looking foward to all the changes, and sleepless nights!

Carrie and Austin Online said...

Good to hear that things are going well. Babies are such a gift!

Nikki said...

Hi Christie,

I don't remember how I happened upon your blog, and this is the first time I'm posting. I'm sorry to hear about your dog- they are such an important part of the family! I have 2 kids- my girl Macy is 4, and my son Kieran is 1. It is crazy busy, and you're right-this Mommy stuff is sure a lot of work but worth every second. I am a teacher in Milwaukee, and enjoy spending every second with them during the summers. Congratulations on your little girl : )

A long time fan (who used to revolve her college classes around Days...sad, but true)

Jamie said...

Sorry to hear about your dog. I'm glad that everything went well with your first trip with your daughter. I was just in SF and it is a beautiful city. It remined me of New York (where I'm from). Have a great summer!!!

Rion said...

I'm sorry to hear about your dog. The only good thing is she's no longer suffering. I'm sure Hannah would love to have a dog when she's a bit older.
Take care! Days is no fun without you!

Carrie and Austin Online said...


I wrote this awhile ago. Now that you're a mother - thought you'd get a kick out of parenting tips from your "other parents".




10. Never teach your children how to use computers. They will use them to alter blood tests or paternity records. (Sami)

9. Commit adultery and claim unresolved feelings, and then when your child does it crawl all over them and hypocritically hold it in their face. (Carrie)

8. Tell your children that in Salem you can have endless amounts of money without ever working. (John)

7. Remind them that in Salem, no one really dies, so there is still hope that a dead parent can return as a ghost or an angel or from the grave in general. ( Roman/Isabella )

6. Teach them that in Salem, kidnapping, memory loss, murder, and secret rooms are just part of everyday life.

5. Get Amnesia so you can conviently forget all your children's annoying woes for awhile.

4. Never hide your love for one another, have your child tell people when they answer the phone that their parents are upstairs " celebrating ", have no shame.

3. When children are young leave them with a Nanny ,and bring them out only for token celebrations such as birthdays, welcome home parties, weddings, and anniversaries. (Belle)

2. If children have illnesses or eating disorders, don't worry, they will go away in a few weeks and never return.


1. If you're tired of young kids, go on a honeymoon and they age 10 years.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about your dog. As for sleep, I know too recently about no sleep. I gave birth April 30th to a girl, she was 5 weeks early, but doing much better. It is true about leaving radio, tv on, (noisy for baby). Our baby is colic and that's what the dr suggested and it does work.

Susan said...

You've got to love the Relais & Chautaux hotels. Or all the others at, for only 1 week. Then there's no more budget :).

So this september/october I'm visiting friends and family in LA, SF and Portland (or). Any suggestions for down the road?

Bye from Amsterdam.

Rosie Baby said...

I am so sorry to hear about your dog. I had to put my cat down last year; he was my best friend for 15 years, had been with me through all the major ups and downs, and he left our family 2 days before the biggest step in our lives. So sad, but those little guys are unconditional lovers, and that is inspirational.

Good to hear Hannah was a rock star. Just wait til she is mobile. Things get a lot more challenging. But at the same time, they have amazing awakenings. Kids are just amazing.

I cannot get your link to work, but am eager to learn of new travel ideas. My kids and I do Disney vacations annually but I look forward to finding new places for us to explore in the future.