Tuesday, August 12, 2008



San Francisco is extremely foggy in July and August, try not to come visit the city during this time. You'd think we would plan our trips during this time, but it seems we haven't quite learned our lesson. It seems we are always going to a wedding in June in the UK, and that uses up our vacation time. The rest of the year is pretty spectacular in this city!

Man, the opening ceremony for the Olympics was very dazzling! Watching this always makes me want to get fit. If only it could be on all the time for inspiration.

So I've been asked to design the interior for another restaurant in SF! This time it's a gastro pub, which is basically a pub setting with delicious organic food. What I"m most excited about it the back garden. There aren't a lot of outdoor restaurants in the city, so it's a real jewel. It's the same team that I worked with for Mamacita. www.vintage415.com Very excited about this new venture. Just trying to figure out how to balance baby tending and designing at the same time.



Anonymous said...

Hi Christie. Enjoy doing what you do.:) You are the best. I hope you return to Days. The show is not the same without you.

Anonymous said...

Hi christie, hope to see
Carrie in Salem in 2009.

Jamie said...

Hi Christie!
I was in SF at the end of June and it was trully beautiful. I could totally live there. Good luck with the new decorating and with Hannah. Hope to see ya back on DAYS soon!!!

irb said...

Hello fellow traveler. Long time no speak. I have just the place for you to visit: Mendoza, Argentina. My friend's parents bought a vineyard there and let me tell you the views are amazing, and the food and wine is even better. Go during harvest season (feb, march) to get grapes off the vine! See link for my pics:


Other than the flight, it is very inexpensive there as the dollar is strong in argentina.

Take care,


Christie Fan said...

I haven't visited in a while, so I was excited to see all the updates and blog posts! Congrats on being a new mom!! You have so many exciting things going on in your life right now!

If you're still looking for baby advice, the most helpful tidbit I can give, by far, would be to read the book, "Disease Proof Your Child" by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. If you haven't yet heard of it, you will be amazed! Dr. Fuhrman is the most credible doctor I know of - always seeking out the most credible, peer-reviewed studies to base his work upon. His advice isn't always what people want to hear, but he cares more about giving people the truth. His book may very well keep your baby out of the doctor's office and help simplify your life as well! :)

Oh! If you haven't yet heard of green smoothies - check those out too! If you only do one thing all day for good nutrition, this is the thing to do! And a side bonus, these are also amazing for your skin! :)

Have fun working on the restaurant design!

You are still very missed on Days!!!

Christie Fan (Christie Fan on the forums)

Carrie and Austin Online said...

Good luck with the new restaurant!

Amber said...

I have been a fan of yours for years and never new you lived in the same city! It's a hot September, indian summer day today and where I'm at in Cow Hollow it's just gorgeous! I do hope you're enjoying the heat while we have it. It's a perfect beach day.