Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Awesome...our summer has just started in SF. It started on Sept.1st just like clock work. High temperatures but with that ocean air blowing just ever so slightly.

Keeping myself EXTREMELY busy at the moment. I'm like a chicken with my head cut off, try to manage my time. I'll say it again, that acting job was a piece of cake, compared to motherhood. Hannah is a very easy going baby, and she's all smiles and giggles at the moment. And her first pearly whites(teeth) are popping through the skin, and even then she's very chill. THANK GOODNESS.

The design of the restaurant is coming along nicely. It should be open in Jan of 2009!!! I've found this place in Marin that has all eco friendly design products, and the quality of the products are amazing. Check out www.greenfusiondesigncenter.com Maybe there is something in your area that is doing the same thing.

I checked out Mendoza on the last comment page, and it is absolutely beautiful. Reminds me of the scenery from "Lord of the rings". And I'll look into getting Dr. Fuhrman's book. Thanks for the helpful hints and travel tips.

Bye for now,


Carrie and Austin Online said...

I'm glad that Hannah is being easy. Don't get too used to it though. You know how it goes, right? The next one will be a stubborn crabby baby with lots of gas! LOL! Just kidding, the rule generally is if you're calm and laid back, the baby will be calm and laid back. So you are obviously doing GREAT at that!

Hope you get back to Days soon. We've heard Carrie and Austin talked about lately, so there's a good chance that they'll come home soon - probably with Will who is still living with them in Switzerland. With Hannah it could be a good deal. I know that Ali Sweeney and Deidre Hall have both brought their babies to work sometimes.

Oh, and just so you know, your onscreen mother Anna told Tony that Carrie and Austin are trying for a baby. Maybe Carrie's problems were stress related. Wouldn't it be a riot to get your post pregnancy body back and find out you'd have to go on Days and be pregnant! What a laugh!

Anonymous said...

Hi Christie. Good luck to your restaurant opening in Jan!
Baby Hannah sounds adorable.
Have you started spoiling her yet? lol.

I hope to see you back on DAYS next year.

Take care of yourself. :)

Jamie said...

I am so happy to hear that Hannah is being a real trooper for ya!! Good luck with the restaurant and juggling Hannah.

Hope to see you back on DAYS soon. I have been a long time fan since 1993!!

Have a nice indian summer in SF!!!

cl962002@comcast.net said...

can you give me your addy when your resturant opens?

Anonymous said...

Hi Christie
I have been a big fan of yours since I have been watching "Days" since I was in grammar school. I enjoyed browsing at your website and your little girl is adorable. I enjoyed reading everything you wrote, and all of your pictures were nice to see.
Congratulations with your baby girl Hannah!
Hope to see you again on Days.
Gina from NJ