Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I hope 2008 brings everything you could be wishing for and more. Tom and I just got back from the UK for Christmas. We only have three months left until our little girl enters the world. I'm trying to get all things checked off my list, before this blessed event. It's amazing the crazy dreams you have when your pregnant. Extremely vivid dreams, or maybe I just remember them more because I haven't had the usual wine I have through out the week. It's been raining a ton in SF, which brings the snow to the local mountains.

We are heading up to Tahoe next week, but I can't snowboard this year, so I'll be preparing the after ski meal.

If you ever want ski/snow board equipement, go to It's the family ski store, we have four locations in California that my Dad and Uncles run. But you can now purchase things online, and it's great value. Talk to you soon.



Susan said...

Either the last three months will go by really slow, or they will go by really fast.
Glad to see a new blog!
And congrats that your baby is going to be a girl!

Love ya! Susan

Tina said...

Christie, it sounds like things are going great with your pregnancy and they do make alot prettier girls clothes than they do boys. My son is now 19 months old and I just love looking in the girl's section( not for him ofcourse)!LOL!Thanks for posting and we hope to hear from you soon. Take care!

Dawn said...

Christie, I am so excited for you and your husband. I am due June 2nd, with a girl ourselves. This is truly a miracle and so blessed. Hope everything else is going well. Take care. Congrats and God Bless you and your family.

Mary C said...

Girls are so much fun! Congratulations and best wishes for the next few months!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Christie! I have 4 children and they are all a blessing and I wish you the best! I've been watching you since you were very young on DOOL and I've always loved your character. Listen, I noticed you travel a lot and you plugged a great website for your family but I was wondering if you have a person book your travel or do you do it yourself online? If you do, can you check out MY site? it's a great site that can give you travel deals that are equivalent to or better than the other online companies. Thanks!
Love ya! Darlene (aka, Dar) :-)

Anonymous said...

you are lovely:) Have a wonderful spring and delivery. When you become a mother it really opens your eyes to how importain family is..
Cherish today, remember yesterday and dream of tomorrow girl!!