Monday, April 13, 2009

Hey There

Hey there,

Finally feeling like a proper mother, giving Hannah the time she deserves. The restaurant was way too much to take on, while trying to figure out motherhood. But, I'm glad I had something artistically creative to pour my heart into. And I have to say Hannah is fast approaching becoming one of my best mates.

You were asking about SF hot spots. Goodness, I could make a huge list: What specifically are you after? Food? Sightseeing? Festivals? Theatre? Walks?

Walks: Tennessee Valley and walk the length of Golden Gate with a beer/water at either Beach chalet or Cliff house.

Food: Besides Mamacita & The Tipsy Pig. I would have to say Gary Danko is top for high end, Spruce is great for in the middle. House of Nan King for cheap and delicious.

Festival of sorts: If your here in May check out Bay to Breakers! People dress up and run/walk from the bay to the breakers of the pacific. Major city event.

Theatre: A.C. T. usually has good things to check out.

I can't rave enought about this fantastic city.

Happy travels!



Carrie and Austin Online said...

Hannah will thrive on having Mommy there more often. Take some time for her and give her the best years of her life before she goes off to school in 4 years. Oh, and HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY to her from us!

irb said...

Thanks. I'm looking foward to the SF visit. Haven't been since 2000. Good luck with the continuing adventures of mommyhood. Have you gotten any new dogs yet, or are you waiting until Hannah gets older? Also, are you on-getting on-Twitter?

Anonymous said...

Dear Christie, I bet you are so busy now, I also heard you and Roark are doing a movie together!!! WOW I'm excited for you guys! Please do tell use more details!

Anonymous said...

Too bad you and Roark aren't coming
back to Days! But Hope you do soon.
Who knows, maybe Ken Corday will watch the movie, and realize that he made a mistake when he let you

Dr. Brenner said...

Had a great time in SF. Thanks for the advice. My cousin ended up picking the restaurants, but I did walk the GG bridge. The weather was great. Will definitely be back. BTW I started a healthcare issues/reform blog. Check it out:

Anonymous said...

Hi Christie, Your former co- stars
Crystal Chappell and Wally Kurth
are coming back to Days. Too bad
you're not!