Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Jamaica was the trip of a lifetime! We had the pleasure of going with our Los Angeles friends, who we sadly don't get to see as much as we used too. Someone asked where I would recommend in Jamaica, here are few spots on the West and South side. absolutely wonderful vacation rental full of charm, with two private beaches. The only down fall with this place is the music can be loud on certain nights.

Rockhouse in Negril is wonderful.

Jake's in Treasure beach is amazing! If you go to treasure beach be sure to go to the pelican bar, it is situated on a reef (25 min boat ride) and made of driftwood. They will serve you delicious lobster curry meals. I'll post some photo's of this.

We just got back from the UK late last night. Hannah suffered from jet lag this trip, which is no fun, but thankfully over within two days.

So check out the new restaurant online at !!! It's been a smash success so far, but these are early days.

See you later,


Carrie and Austin Online said...

I'm glad Hannah handled the trip and the food well. I think in a place like Jamaica that's what I'd be most concerned about. Jet lag's no big deal. At least it was on the trip back not when you arrived there.

maria said...

Hi Christie,
I am trying to find a site that has videos of Carrie and Austin to view or purchase. Is there any site you can reccomend? Thanks and hope you are headed back to Salem soon, we miss you!!


irb said...

I will keep that jamaica locale in mind. Seems like a great deal. BTW, I will be in SF in May, besides the 2 obvious hotspots - mamacita and tipsy pig, any other recommendations for me? Your UK selections were spot on so I trust your judgment.


Carrie and Austin Online said...

For the girl above -

Carrie and Austin Online. All their best moments are posted in our FORUM

Maria said...

thank you so much for that info! I registered on that site about 2 weeks ago so I could see the videos and everytime I try and log in, it says:
Currently your account is waiting for approval from a staff member. Once an administrator has approved your account you will get access to this forum
Can you possbily help me with this? Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled on to you blog today. I really enjoyed you on Days. I have recently started watching again, I would say that I like how the show is going, but I do miss some of the old actors/characters such as you (Carrie), Austin, Mike, Jack, etc.