Friday, September 25, 2009


Been traveling way too much. Need to book some time at home for a couple of months. Traveling with wee one is trying at the best of times. Packing for three is an absolutely big ole pain and then there's the un-packing and laundry. I'm a full fledged house wife. Damn, I miss those glamour DAYS!

We are off to Sedona this weekend and then off the UK and Mexico in Oct. We also went to Burning man(without Hannah) for the first time. HOLY SMOKES. It's a whole other world out there. The art installations are frickin insane. Do a google search if you've never heard of it.

Austin Peck will be leaving As the World Turns shortly. Very interesting!!!!!!!!

Happy Halloweenie



Anonymous said...

This could mean a second chance for
you and Austin, if the writers get
it right this time.

Carrie and Austin Online said...

I think a return for Carrie & Austin is inevitable. They are the only middle of the raod aged couple still together. All the couples from that era - John/Kristen, Bo/Billie, Jen/Peter, Eric/Nicole - are all gone. I think it's important to Days to have continuity and I can't think of anything better than Carrie and Austin coming back with a child, and have REAL problems.

Rion said...

Carrie and Austin need to return so badly! I don't care if Austin is played by Patrick or Austin, just as long as he comes back with Christie's Carrie.

Bring 'er!

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE it if Carrie and Austin came back to DAYS. I quit watching when they left in 2006, and haven't watched since. But they were the best. I really like the idea of them coming back with a child or two and having complications that weren't there when they were young. I have been holding my breath since Austin Peck was let go at ATWT!!