Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays! Christmas is so much more fun with a little toddler. Didn't you love when you were little and you would be way overly excited about Christmas and presents? You get to relive all those fond times all over again! It's killer, but I'm way more excited than Hannah is, she's not even two yet. Three years old is when I hear it really gets exciting.

Almost, got a part on GH, which would have been way cool. But alas, didn't get it in the end. Thankfully, I didn't have to audition either. Terminally lazy lady over here.

So, who sent me a comment and knows my ex Kent? You left me a note , but didn't say who you were.

Hope you have a relaxed and very warm time with your loved ones over the Holiday season! 2010 here we come!



Anonymous said...

I'll bet it was the part of Lisa,Patrick's ex-girlfriend? I think of you in the part every time i watch the show. You would have been great in that part.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Christie, I'm sure you will get the role next time. Miss you on tv. Keep trying

Christie Fan said...

GH would be lucky to have you Christie!! So glad you're enjoying being a mom. Reliving those childhood moments definitely sound like fun! Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you! :)

show said...

Why GH? Why didn’t you
go for A Nightmare on Elm Street
(2010) the reboot? It would have been a Cameo appearance and a definite seller for hard core colt followers of the series.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christie!
I hope you and your gorgeous family had a wonderful Christmas. I'm sorry you didn't get the part on GH, I remember when you were on GH and played Robin's friend back in '92. Those were the days that got me hooked on soaps to begin with. First it was GH, then DAYS, then Y&R- it's hard to keep up with em all now ; )
I hope you have a Happy New Year!!

Lisa B.

Anonymous said...

Is there any chance that you will be making a return to Days in 2010? I read on another website that you would be making a brief return.

Anonymous said...

Hi christie,

Why does Days take you back.

Anonymous said...

Hey Christie Clark
I am Lykke from Denmark. It also means lucky or happiness. I am 21 years. And over here they are far behind with Days of Our Lives than they are in the world.
I love you in all the films I've seen you in.
When I was ten years old, I came into the room and saw my mom who was watching Days of Our Lives. And the first scene I saw was with you and Mike Horton (Roark Critchlow), who sat on a bench. And from today and you will be simply my favorite actor. I was so sad when you were not with the show more when you and Mike moved to Israel. But then you happily back. Ps. I see you, of course, in all sections.
I'm so glad that you've got a little girl named Hannah Bella. These are two of my favorite names.
Excuse the grammatical errors. I'm so bad at writing English.

Amy said...

Hi Christie! I have been a fan of yours for years, ever since I was a little girl. My mom and older sister have always been DAYS fans and I have been watching it since my birth lol.. I really started watching though in the 90s when you were on and the whole Carrie/Austin/Sami shebang was happening. I was probably only 5 or 6 but I always remember how pretty you were, sorry that sounds kind of weird lol. I love soaps and I have been watching ever since and now I am 20. I'm sorry to hear you didn't get the part on GH. I rarely watch that show anyway. Maybe if you were on LOL Oh well, it's there loss. I hope sometime in the near future to see you back on DAYS. It's been really good lately. I recently started watching again after about 3 years of not watching. Seems they are getting back on track. Carrie could really spice things up though. Oh well, enough of my weird ramblings. lol. hope you had a good holiday and have a wonderful 2010!

Anonymous said...

Hi there Christie! I am sure you would have been great on General Hospital. I grew up watching you since I was about 10 years old in 1996 on Days of Our Lives. My favorite couple was Mike and Carrie. I wrote you a fan letter when I was 12 and you wrote back which I was so excited about!! I still have it. I wish Carrie and Mike would return to the show! Hope all is well and hope to see you on TV soon. ~ Meghan

JP said...

Christie, here how are you doing? It's been a long time. This is Jean-Paul Hellendall from Alphy's, Camp O Rama. Take it easy.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Christie, I don't know if you
heard, but Frances Reid passed away. Hope to see Carrie back in salem soon , with or without Austin.

Anonymous said...

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alteraric said...

Hiya Clark - it's me, Aric. Drop a line! =->

Anonymous said...

Was GH going to have you reprise the role of Robin's HS friend, Cindy? I know you only played that role briefly, before going back to Days. It ws so long ago, so they could've tried getting away with casting you as another character. BTW, are you really on Facebook (is the account real)? Thanks :)