Saturday, March 6, 2010


2010? What in the world! How did the last ten years go so fast? Man, when you were little you wanted time to speed up and now I just wish it would slow down, just a little. YIKES. Must remember to seize the day! And learn spanish,figure out what I'm supposed to be teaching my daughter, dance around the house, read more books, do charitable work, workout, find more time with friends and family, become a master cook, travel, and chill out. All while doing non-stop laundry and dishes. No wonder time is flying...too much to do!

Can't believe it's been a month since the Haiti earthquake. Does anyone know of a website where you can donate tents, before the rain season starts?

A lot of folks have been asking me on facebook and this website if Carrie and Austin are coming back. All I know is that Mr. Peck was talking to Days after he left ATWT, but I haven't heard the word from Cordays people yet. You will be the first to know if I do. It would be great to be back on Days, now that there is some real passion behind the scenes. Very sad about Frances Reid. Frances was a very special lady, with a special twinkle in her eye. We have a birthday a couple of Days apart and she would always give me some ballons.

Hope your 2010 is an unbelievable year!

Christie Clark


Rion said...

So nice to hear your thoughts on Frances' passing. She was always the heart and soul of Days.

I'd love for Carrie and Austin to return, even if only for a short while. At the very least, maybe Carrie and Austin will return for Alice's funeral.

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Anonymous said...

I hear you are among the list of cast who have been asked to come back for Alice's sickness/funeral.

And from this blog post of yours, I am certain that you will come back!

I have missed seeing you on Days so much so I will be very very excited!


Anonymous said...

Hey Christie. I hope you're doing good. Your statement on Frances is sweet. Frances was a special lady and should always be remembered as so. I would love to see you and Austin return for Alice's memorial.

Take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

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Katie said...

A close friend of mine runs an orphanage in Haiti. He has the most amazing heart and has done some amazing work in Haiti. His charity, Matthew Twenty-Eight, is accepting donations for help in the relief. They would be a great contact for you to ensure that your donation is put to the most use.

They just posted some new photos from their outreach. Please feel free to take a look.

Mikeyg2s said...

Hey Christie,
Sounds like you have very nice memories with Francis. I was sorry to hear of her passing, as well. I am glad to hear that you will be back for a few shows, tho. It's not the same without you. I'm glad Roark will be back also...but they didn't memtion Austin? I wish they'd bring you all back for a long while so we can have that Carrie/Austin/Mike triangle again! Anyway, I hope you and your family are doing well. Your daughter must be getting so big now...huh? They grow up so fast! Take care!
Mikey G.

John said...

Hi Christie,

Welcome back to Days.

Re: Tents for Haiti, this article appeared in my local paper today and may be what you're looking for:

The article also has a link to the following: