Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hi There

Hi there, Man, thanks for all the helpful travel/sleep baby tips. Hannah was a rock star on her first international flight. And I've looked at some of your favorite places to go and added them to my favorites. check this place out we just went there, and it is my favorite type of place. You are surrounded by epic nature, where you can't see any other building except some old Roman ruins on top of hill. The restaurant had two Michelin stars, and it was to die for.

I'm absolutely exhausted from our travels, it's a lot of work packing for three and just being a mom. Working as an actress is a piece of cake compared to this mommy stuff. Woman are unbelievable creatures, pouring out pounds of love and energy.

Sadly, when I got home we had to put our dog Ella down. Ella had degenerative myelopathy(MS for dogs). We had to help her to the bathroom for the last three months, and she couldn't do the things that a dog should do to make them happy. Putting your dog down is such a awful thing to have to do, and yet, thankfully we have the option to do so when things are really bad. No more dogs for awhile, it's horrific to loose these dear friends. As my mom says, my husband is my new dog. I will lavish that extra attention on him and the baby. Enjoy your summer and your loved ones.