Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Summer days! It was the 4th of July yesterday and we enjoyed the fireworks from our balcony, all curled up in blankets with our ladies. The fog is rolling in right now, but it's been gorgeous the last couple of days. Thank goodness,because we've had pretty crap weather the last two months and deserve the clear blue skies.

Looking forward to our travels this summer in Provence. Where the sun makes everything taste good. Some how you pig out on cheese, meats and rose and the weight doesn't pile on like it would back home. Why is that? Let's hope that hasn't changed this time around, cause I sure like to indulge.

Hannah just started summer camp/preschool. Rough two weeks of missing mommy. Glad she's digging it, now.

Hope you have a FAB summer. Talk to you soon!



Rion said...

Congrats on returning to Days with Patrick! It was just confirmed on Can't wait for September!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Christie! Just catching up on clips of my favorite soap couple of all time, Carrie and Mike! Hope you and Roark are still in contact. Wish he could come back to Days too and we could have more of Carrie and Mike, but in Salem, together and in a relationship, this time. Excited to see you back. Your girls are adorable and beautiful, like their mom. Much love.