Thursday, July 16, 2009

Big Hello

Having a fun night! Dancing(to Michael Jackson's Essential album), dreaming and drinking a little red wine.(forgive the spelling) What's so great about having kids again is that you get to relive the no responsibility thing through them. Of course, you have a ton more responsibilities, but they have none. And you remember, how joyous and carefree life was. And hopefully, you can try and be silly and remember your dreams along the way. Or at least try to have a couple of hours of not worrying about going to the DMV,cleaning, jury duty, or paying bills. DANCING AND DREAMING, I used to too do it all the time. Need to do it through out my life.

Sad about Michael Jackson. He was such an unbelievable talent!!! The party always gets started at wedding or parties when his songs come on. We all have a Michael Jackson moment. I started acting because of a talent show I did, doing a dance routine to Michael Jackson's "Beat it". I hope those accusations against him weren't true, but I have to say as much as I love him, he sure seemed like a tragic figure in the end. You can just see it in what he did to that beautiful face. Who knows? This isn't news to you...just sharing my thoughts.

Here's to rocking JULY!!!!!!!!