Thursday, June 9, 2011


Wow, long time no talk or blog or whatever you want to call it. I've been knee deep in baby world. Who has time to floss their teeth, let alone blog.

Loving our new addition to the family. Emma is very chill, which is exactly what was needed this time around. Just finished the whole preschool debacle/wonderment. Thank goodness that's over.

My baby/toddler brain is fried, can't seem to think about anything to write at the moment, so I'm off to watch some mindless TV. Any new favorites? Games of Thrones rocks! And the new MY Morning Jacket CD is also very cool.

Talk to you soon,


rebeccakeen said...

Hi! nice to hear from you again?
I have a question,are you & Patrick Muldoon coming back to Days? I hope it is true because we miss you both ALOT!

The Boldens said...

Are you headed back to Days? I have read it several places around the internet.

Rion said...

We've missed your blogging, Christie! Glad to hear things are well with your family. Hopefully you are coming back to Days---it's just not right without Carrie and Austin!

Anonymous said...

Keep blogging! Love to hear what's going on with you and the family.

ChristieFan said...

So nice to hear how you're doing Christie! Sounds like you definitely have your hands full but are finding much meaning in this new chapter of your life in being a mom. That's so awesome. :)

Not much on TV it seems! I loved "Outsourced" - so creative and fun, but it was cancelled. :(

Hope you're finding some time to relax and rejuvenate - even if just 5 minutes... you can pretend you're at a spa. haha :)

david said...

Guys just wondering if anyone can give me a confirmation about Christie an patrick returning to Days. IF u find out please email me at God bless.

Anonymous said...

melissa and joey is good.

but carrie and austin is better.