Sunday, August 15, 2010


It's nice to work really hard and enjoy putting your feet up at the end of the day. Let's face it growing up on a soap opera and getting your hair, make up and wardrobe styled and kissing nice looking men isn't the same as working construction or being a school teacher. Truth be told I've never worked(stay at home mom) so hard in my damn life and I'm about to get a double dose. (second child is coming in early Sept) Working hard is good for the soul and mind. This isn't news to anyone, just something we all remember every once in awhile. Life to me was always going to be about having kids and getting the chance to learn how to be a kid again yourself. The Rewards and Riches of having a family far out way the pro's of the hedonistic life I used to live. Not that I don't long for those days, but the deep connection you fill with your partner and a growing sense of self is the ultimate. WOW...deep thoughts by Jack Handy(SNL). Right, snap out of it!

DON'T EVER come to San Francisco in July and August, it's just a foggy mess. Although, we do have a unbelievable music fest called OUTSIDELANDS in August that is not to be missed if you like great music. My morning Jacket and Kings of leon are headlining this year. Off to catch up on True Blood, Mad Men and I"m finally getting into the WIRE. Thank Goodness, for cable TV!
Here's to an epic AUGUST!

Christie Clark


Angie said...

Hi Christie! Who knows if you'll ever get to read this but I just wanted to say that I'm a big fan! Got hooked on Days during the time Carrie got hit in the face with acid and was dealing with the whole facial scarring ordeal. This was circa 92-93. Carrie, Austin and Sami were the reason I kept tuning in back then, until I got to know the rest of the characters and storylines. I was around 11 or 12 years old back then (I would set my VCR to record it at 1PM while I was stuck at school lol). Now I'm 2 weeks shy of my 29th birthday and although I don't watch Days much anymore, it was a constant in my life for well over a decade and as a result, it's hard not to develop a fondness for the characters/actors that you grew up watching. It's so great to hear that you're doing well in your personal life as well as professional. Here's to one day seeing you return to Days for good! I'd definitely start tuning in again if that were the case. ;-) God bless you and yours always.

Carrie and Austin Online said...

Make sure you take some time to go see Pat's band The Sleeping Masses and also, if you're watching Trueblood and not watching your former Days brother, Jensen, on Supernatural - well then your not a very supportive TV sister - LOL! Just kidding, but not about Jensen and Supernatural - that show is awesome! If you feel like you're behind on it and need some background - they're showing repeats every morning on TNT (I think) from 9-11am.

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Rion said...

Christie! Soap Opera Digest is reporting you're coming back to Days in February! Is it true Patrick Muldoon is returning as Austin? If so, awesome!!!

Also, congrats on your new baby! Take care and happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

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